Brian Gibson


Brian Gibson, bassist for the ballistic duo Lightning Bolt, has just unleashed Thumper, a new rhythm violence game for the PS4 and Steam platforms via his own game development studio, Drool. Gibson is a seasoned game designer, working on titles such as Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and Rock BandThumper is a unique adjunct to the style Lightning Bolt has refined for their latest record, combining a fast-paced frenzy of rhythmic pulses with an electric energy infused with all the suspense and surprise of the band's bewildering live performances.

Gibson composed the music for Thumper, which is generative in nature during gameplay, but he has formatted as an album's-length listening experience as well.  Thrill Jockey is proud to share the album with you as a digital release now with a vinyl edition to follow in 2017.

Brian Gibson is a musician and artist living in Providence, Rhode Island. He is best known as the bassist for the band Lightning Bolt. He’s worked as an artist on several video game titles. He also enjoys making artwork about a polite and well mannered dog named Barkley.

As part of Drool LLC, Gibson worked with programmer and designer Marc Flury to create Thumper, an audio-visual experience that Kotaku calls "The best kind of music game."




  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Triangle
  • 3 Horizon
  • 4 Road
  • 5 Logo Revisit
  • 6 Select
  • 7 Omega
  • 8 Tunnel
  • 9 Head
  • 10 Beetle
  • Tracks