• Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity

1984 (Eternal)

Gilead Media
ELD-024 - 2009
The debut full-length by Indianapolis, IN grind metal folks Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity entitled "1984 (ETERNAL)"!! Black Arrows combine harsh noise sound-scapes with brutal grind/metal to create an atmospheric record the likes of which this green earth has never heard. The transitions between, and layering of, their grinding assaults and the epic noise is astounding. Comprised of ex and current members of Demiricous, Racebannon, The Dream is Dead, World Eater and other Indianapolis metal heavyweights, BAOFAI are a total force of sound. CD packaged in 6-panel gatefold case & features an exclusive noise track not available on the original 12" (released by Rifleman Records).


  • 1 Pearl Harbor Necklace
  • 2 Damn, Girlfriend, This Napalm Exfoliates As It Burns
  • 3 Nvclear Facelift (The Mantra Of The Maggot)
  • 4 If Shit Were Gold, The Poor Wouldnt Have Assholes
  • 5 Death Creeps On The Come-Up (1984 Eternal)
  • 6 Survivors Envy The Dead
  • 7 [untitled]