• Bardo Pond & Tom Carter


Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-090 - 2012

Three Lobed Recordings is exceptionally proud to expose an unsuspecting public to 4/25/03 from bardo pond and tom carter. 4/25/03 was recorded on that very date at the tritone in philadelphia, just two days after when the Bardos and Carter spent all of the 23rd in the Lemur House Studio recording the material that would become the 4/23/03 2xLP. At the tritone on the 25th, the collaborators locked into two improvised jams running an hour on whole - a first forty minute burner followed by a twenty minute encore performance. This is essential listening for fans of either artist. The recording on 4/25/03 was recorded by scott slimm.



  • 1 Untitled I
  • 2 Untitled II