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  • David A. Jaycock

A New Love Song

Great Pop Supplement
GPS43 - 2009

2 beautifully haunting, acoustic pieces from mancunian singer songwriter david a jaycock, following cdr outings on red deer club and early winter recordings and member of 'big eyes family players'. "a new love song" on side a, with it's almost droning vocal line and fahey-esque picking features a formidable, spine tingling banjo line- it's a jaw dropper of a piece. the same can be said of the flip "that warm feeling in my belly" where this time it's a violin line that gets those pimples down yr spine going. awesome single fabulously packaged in sealed, hand stamped envelope packs that are leaf cut by hand and numbered! limited to 300. utterly beautiful on the ear and the eye.


  • 1 A New Love Song
  • 2 That Warm Feeling In My Belly