• Bardo Pond


Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-022 - 2006

"Adrop parallels Bardo Pond's 2006 release Bardo Pond Presents: Sublimation in being more of a self-contained compilation of recordings done by different incarnations of the group rather than as specific separate group or solo projects. Divided into three parts but mastered as one long track, each section blending into the next, only the second part, "The Rebis," features the full five-person version of the band as it stands. Isobel Sollenberger concentrates on violin this time around, while guitarists and brothers John and Michael Gibbons and the crack rhythm team of Clint Takeda and Ed Farnsworth create another powerful, looming crunch through their near patented brand of sludge rock. Opening the disc is "Invisible Fire," which consists of the Gibbons brothers, Takeda and, interestingly, drummer Jason Kourkounis instead of Farnsworth. Perhaps even more perversely, John Gibbons is credited as playing "cumbus," but whatever salacious associations are implied, the piece is a low-key and open-ended exploration of sound, Kourkounis adding a variety of fills and hits here and there as drone guitar parts and buried noise squalls fill out the remainder of the mix. Concluding Adrop is "Latona," featuring Sollenberger on flute and, in a nice switch, the Gibbons brothers on acoustic guitars and percussion." - Ned Raggett - All Music Guide



  • 1 Adrop: Part 1) Invisible Fire, Part 2) The Rebis, Part 3) Latona

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