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  • Menace Ruine

Alight In Ashes

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SIGE016 - 2012

Pressing of 400 numbered copies, 3 color silkscreened jackets, 2 color silkscreened inserts, heavyweight stock and hand stamped labels .

Since their inception in 2006, Menace Ruine have followed a singular and focused path, albeit an uneasy and solitary one. The Montreal duo of S. de la Moth and Geneviève have constructed a surprisingly immense repertoire of sound incorporating elements of black metal, neo-folk, industrial, drone and harsh noise, yet have never fit comfortably into any one of these musical realms. This all-encompassing blend of extreme musical styles might prove too much for most to handle in a truly convincing fashion, but a palpable and fiery conviction is the unifying thread that has woven tightly the ever evolving work of Menace Ruine. It is an increasing rarity these days given the rapid internet-aided proliferation of countless micro-genres, but it can be said truly that their music is utterly unique and all the more valuable as such.

With the advent of their fourth album “Alight in Ashes”, the group have taken their sound further than ever before by delving deep into the distant past and managing once again to forge something completely new in the process. Aspects of classical and more ancient music were apparent in their earlier albums, but here that strain has come audibly to the fore, revealing an interest in archaic forms of expression, as well as a bold willingness to explore beyond those edges into undiscovered sonic territories. While elements of classical music have long been the plaything of ham-fisted metal bands, Menace Ruine take hold of these sounds and breathe a captivating and harrowing new life into them through a process of inuitively driven songwriting. At once sorrowful, majestic, imposing and intimate, the six songs that make up the album reveal the souls of their creators through a meticulously constructed world built from blocks of obliterated guitar-like synths, lurching drones and martial drums. Over these sometimes orchestral, sometimes solitary components, the beautifully commanding voice of Geneviève presides, an elemental force all its own, at times beneficent and at others destructive.

The cunning juxtaposition of the harsh and alluring, pastoral and punishing, graceful and gut wrenching as displayed throughout the album is masterful, proving beyond doubt that Menace Ruine have a razor sharp purpose with their music and the skills to weave it all together into an seamlessly rendered whole. In a world of increasingly cluttered sound and homogenized music “Alight in Ashes” serves as a brazen reminder of the true power of music to affect listeners on a emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual level.


  • 1 Set Water To Flames
  • 2 Salamandra
  • 3 Burnt Offerings
  • 4 Arsenikon (faded in discord)
  • 5 Disease of Fear
  • 6 Cup of Oblivion

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