• Dreamless

All This Sorrow, All These Knives

Handmade Birds
HB-025 - 2012
"Formed in 2000 as Kafka Dreams, the trio quickly began a sister project to KD under the Dreamless moniker. A blistering wall of sound envelopes infectious melody akin to no less than the absolute best moments of classic HUM, which are then buried within an incredibly dense sonic wall too delicious to describe (yes, delicious). We cannot get enough of this record, a classic in every way from the album title to the complexity of texture and quality" - Handmade Birds


  • 1 Dreams Of Chlöe
  • 2 Discordance
  • 3 Glimmering
  • 4 Its Not Worth It
  • 5 Nothing Irreparable Has Happened Here
  • 6 Drown My Soul