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Amer$ide, Rock & Roll Is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat r

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Ektro / Full Contact
ektro-076 - 2012

Noise-rock quartet Rat at Rat R was formed in 1981 by guitarist Victor Poison-tete. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, the band soon relocated to New York City's Lower East Side and became one of the highlights of the NYC noise-rock scene. With Sonic Youth, Live Skull and Swans among their contemporaries, the music of Rat at Rat R can best be described as no wave guitar-oriented noise music.  

In response Ektro Records proudly announces the 27th anniversary re-mastered re-issue of the groundbreaking recording, Amer$ide, Rock and Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat R including the songs "Plague", "Asshole", "Assassin" and seven other brutal tunes, chock full of political overtones and playful sonic chaos, it still continues to resonate in these tumultuous times.

"One of New York’s most distinctly radical bands. But there’s a sense of humor here as well, the music is consistently brilliant. the guitars build a wall of clashing tone clusters on one song, clink and scrape delicately on the next. the rhythmic ideas are equally varied. There are more fresh musical ideas on this album than one could absorb in a whole day." —Robert Palmer, N. Y. Times

"Go listen to that Rat at Rat R record that came out in 1985, you’ll hear stuff no one was doing." —Glenn Branca