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Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-034 - 2007

"Bardo Pond soar and fly in hazy mists of smoke, 500mg (Bardo guitarist Michael Gibbons) takes a different route into the fog of musical meditation. 500mg crawls and creeps through a forest and sits alone on a log playing acid dripped sitars and banging out free-formed rhythms on the trees while his big brother is up high in the clouds.

If you've heard any records like this before, it would be quite easy to guess what is going to come next: a nice long repetitive piece that will take up most of the rest of this side of the record. But that is just the opposite of where it goes - an acoustic guitar piece of the calmest nature. The piece is sober and beautiful with a ringing echo that sounds natural - like playing in a large hall, rather than through a pedal. It's the sort of song that sings and has words without any vocals at all.

Before you can get used to that side of 500mg, you're tossed back into the strange with a violin piece reminiscent of a calmer C. Spencer Yeh or a White Light/White Heat era John Cale background piece - a steady drone and scrape of bow dragging across strings. It's enough to put some to sleep, and others hit the power button.

The album continues like this, fighting between the beautifully simple guitar songs and the odd experiments in sound examination. It's steady and simple, without being too "all over the place" to hurt itself.. There's a pattern to the madness that holds it all together and makes for a great record of solid avant-free-folk."

Jordan Spencer, Foxy Digitalis

LP version is a one-time pressing of 677 hand-numbered copies. Housed within sleeves that were individually silk-screened by Alan Sherry (SIWA).



  • 1 Montauk Blues
  • 2 Exegisis
  • 3 Angela
  • 4 Chapel Perilous
  • 5 Ondonata
  • 6 Desert Copex
  • 7 Stray Thoughts On Death And Satan

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