• Chris Brokaw


Capitan Records
cap001 - 2008

Canaris is Chris Brokaw's 5th album and was recorded in June 2008 in both Hoboken, NJ and Cambridge, MA. Canaris is an instrumental album entirely for solo acoustic guitar - the first half ‘straight acoustic’, the second half acoustic plugged into amps and pedals. The album features a cover of Vlad Tepes’ 13 minute epic “Drink the Poetry of Celtic Disciple” as well as the title track, an 18 minute drone/feedback piece.

Chris Brokaw is widely known through his work with the bands Come (with Thalia Zedek), Codeine, and Pullman; and currently plays guitar with Fflashlights (with Doug McCombs of Tortoise and Elliot Dicks), Dirtmusic (with Chris Eckman and Hugo Race), and Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits. He also plays drums with The New Year who have a new album on Touch and Go in September.

Chris will be playing solo shows extensively through this year and the next. He has already begun work on a rock/vocal album which will be released in 2009.

Capitan Records will also release a duo album with Geoff Farina (Karate) of pre-WWII country blues songs, entitled The Angel’s Message To Me, in early 2009.



  • 1 Exemptive
  • 2 Drink the Poetry of Celtic Disciple
  • 3 Watching the Clouds
  • 4 Sanguinary
  • 5 Canaris
  • 6 Exempted