Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 1 umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 2 umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 3 umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 4 umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 5 umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 6 andreas gerth and florian zimmer umor rex
Ur088 driftmachine colliding contours 7 andreas gerth and florian zimmer umor rex
  • Driftmachine

Colliding Contours

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Umor Rex
UR088 - 2016

LP limited edition of 500 copies packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with double sided insert, black inner sleeve, and free download coupon.

Berlin-based duo Driftmachine returns with another striking piece of music. Colliding Contours is a shape-shifting album made from kosmische, dub, Industrial and Avant-garde elements. It’s all held together by tense grooves and a post-club, eerie electronic atmosphere.

The latest work of Driftmachine offers a complex dialogue between genres and music styles, transcending the familiar by generating a peculiar mood through its unique take on modular synthesis and its obsessive bass-structures and detailed rhythmic patterns. Within the haunted electronic spaces of Colliding Contours one can find a geometry made of dub, jazz and industrial techno lines, intersecting at ominous intervals; an unsettling companion for a late night trip or a tangled state of mind.

The album opens with “Radiations," a crawling piece with a slow rebound of electronic shocks fractioning into echoes and reverberations which could be heard as an initial dialogue between operator and machine (an idea Driftmachine formerly explored in their Eis Heauton EP). “Sans Soleil," the second cut, introduces the perpetual motion sound sculptures that will be prevalent throughout the rest of the album. Terminal velocity is achieved as they hit the mark inside “Observant Sirens," where the hard shapes drawn between the ‘riddim’ and the bass reveal the signature style of Driftmachine (formulated in their debut LP Nocturnes). Going up and down, with longer suites of meticulous, systematic assembly and darker dub patterns, we reach “Gaukelwerk” diving deep into cosmic space, followed by “Dogov Godov“ and its heavy post – industrial steps which are contrasted by ethereal layers of analog oscillation.

With Colliding Contours, Driftmachine - the duo comprised of Andreas Gerth (Tied & Tickled Trio) and Florian Zimmer (Saroos) - have built an exhilarating new vehicle to deliver their vision. Go deep into the elegant menace of their sound through the unpredictability of modular synthesis.


  • 1 Radiations
  • 2 Sans Soleil
  • 3 Observant Sirens
  • 4 Gaukelwerk
  • 5 Dogov Godov
  • 6 Lost Travelers
  • 7 Ambler
  • 8 Nunc Stans