• Arms Aloft

Comfort At Any Cost

Gilead Media
ELD-030 - 2008

I never thought I'd be writing a description for a punk record on Gilead Media but here we are, and I simply cannot praise this band enough. Arms Aloft offer passionate songs with incredible & intelligent lyrics in a style that goes above and beyond the confines of punk. These songs are the very definition of catchy, all the while maintaining a style that feels so close to your heart and honest in its delivery. Some people will refer to them as pop punk, and that's fine. But It's in my belief that Arms Aloft has simply figured out how to channel the raw energy and excitement that has been missing from more melodic punk over the past few years and focus it into something familiar yet reinvigorated with the vitality it has needed.


  • 1 Comfort At Any Cost
  • 2 Dreams Are Dogs That Die In Their Kennels
  • 3 Chopper Dave
  • 4 Solid Ground
  • 5 Skinny Love
  • 6 Doubledranopercocetnoice