• Bardo Pond

Cypher Documents I

Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-013 - 2005

Originally released as a series of web only MP3s, the material on Cypher Documents I is a collection of Bardo jams from the Lemur House studios. Ranging from spaced out, to rockin' to all points between, Cypher is a collection of choice nugs for the Bardo consumer. Get ready to truly zone out to the closet to half hour "From The Sky" (unavailable in its complete form in its original MP3 release).



  • 1 Living Testament
  • 2 Slag
  • 3 Nomad
  • 4 Quiet Tristin
  • 5 YaYaYaYa
  • 6 Black Turban
  • 7 From The Sky

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