• Jazzfinger

Destroyed Form

Handmade Birds
HB-041 - 2012

Newcastle, UK, based electro-acoustic / avant garde / experimental collective with connections to Sunroof! formed in 1996.

We pride ourselves on being extremely selective about noise artists we choose to get involved with. This is forward thinking, thoughtful soundscape construction, and will be massively appreciated by those with a refined ear for the genre.

Praise for Jazzfinger

"This incremental expansion makes most of their releases sound like they've been pieced together from hours of sessions, spanning different dispositions, times and equipment. [Jazzfinger] proves there is no definitive Jazzfinger sound, but at least their name carries a complete satisfaction guarantee." -Dusted

Edition: 100 CS50 (50 min program repeats on both sides) Pro tape, black with silver print


  • 1 Ocean is Red
  • 2 Ocean is Free
  • 3 Pinton Sederation
  • 4 Sun Punishment
  • 5 Blown Cotton Woodland