• Dressed In Streams

Dressed In Streams & Azad Hind

Handmade Birds
HB-067 - 2013

Dressed In Streams is India-centric black metal. This CD release includes all material from the band’s first two cassette releases on Colloquial Sound Recordings as well as the track “Deep Saffron” previously available only on the modern underground classic SVN OKKLT compilation.

CD limited to 250 copies. This release coincides with a third cassette release on Colloquial Sound Recordings entitled The Search For Blood, limited to 99 copies and currently featured on Invisible Oranges.


  • 1 Sleeping Foxes
  • 2 The Breastplate Shines
  • 3 A Quiet Place
  • 4 Deep Saffron
  • 5 Leaping Tiger
  • 6 2 April 1941