• How I Quit Crack

Dystopian Gift

Handmade Birds
HBCS-053 - 2013

Austin, TX multi-instrumentalist, frequent collaborator with Mater Suspiria Vision, and black-light electro-guru Tina Forbis returns with another set of psychedelic soundscapes. LIMITED ONE TIME PRESSING on the Handmade Birds Cassette Series. 

Dystopian Gift is a cassette only release limited to 205 copies

“Crack makes people do fucked-up things: sell their kids, fight alligators at 4 AM, talk to dead presidents in the alleyway. It made Tina F., under the guise of How I Quit Crack, turn out some of the most beautiful music this side of Planet Julee Cruise. In neon lingerie she performs other-worldly gospel songs amidst bouquets of fluorescent flowers that breathe in her warped foggy synths, hazy guitar feedback, and distant vocals over moonlit lounge beats." - Vice


  • 1 Crying
  • 2 I Was Wrong
  • 3 Dystopian Present
  • 4 Negated Future
  • 5 Whhhne (Whine)
  • 6 Gender Abolition
  • 7 Nodular
  • 8 Frustrating
  • 9 Libricidal Freedom Trashcan
  • 10 Neurotropical