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HBSP-2X / Captcha
HBSP-2X-002 - 2009

Edition of 300, each record jacket is completely unique. Also, each LP is a slightly different color of vinyl.

"Lazer Crystal’s Lipp Service experiences a similarly awesome transmogrification, in this case from robotic amphetamine devo/chrome (minus the smack) jerky pogo boogie infected with chainsaw buzz and discolated motor bass into a total fall to your knees and worship the absolute God of fearsome headbanging in the abject throes of a deliriously sweet synthetic solo. Like crashing your chopper past the white walls of a suburban home and into a lurid fantasy of unhinged sexbot chicks suicidally spilling milk into each other like this was Katsuhiro Otomo’ s remix of a crass Metallica video. Jacking."



  • 1 Lipp Service
  • 2 Praxis Abbraxix Parabellum
  • 3 La Rouche
  • 4 Peeling The Omon