• GHQ

Everywhere At Once

Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-053 - 2008
GHQ are in their element when they are dangling from the very precipice of being but, unlike most, when they stare deep into the blackened abyss beneath them they don’t find it staring back. Everywhere At Once finds Steve Gunn, Marcia Bassett and GHQ “newcomer” Jon Truscinski doing what they do best—building layer upon layer of atmospheric raga-themed guitar drones. Presenting their first ever actual “studio” material, Everywhere At Once displays unusually melodic turns for GHQ, including the Gunn vocaled “Drop City Blues.”



  • 1 Rembrance
  • 2 Four Trees
  • 3 Drop City Blues
  • 4 Morrow Rose

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