• Theologian

Finding Comfort In Overwhelming Negativity

Handmade Birds
HB-047 - 2012
Lee M. Bartow is a revered pillar of the modern noise movement. He turned heads in the 90s with his Navicon Torture Technologies project and also founded the Annihilvs Power Electronix label. Theologian has previously released material on the incomparable Crucial Blast Records.

Praise for previous Theologian material:

"Theologian uses conventional metal misery as merely a springboard. The ends form the expected stew of claustrophobic suffering, but the means show Bartow to be a most cunning doom practitioner." - ALARM MAGAZINE

"...most of [Theologian's] slow movements of minimal sonic materials define more a place than a narrative following in the tradition of the original intent behind ambient music. And it's a place, while certainly depressing and occasionally enraged, that provides somewhere to wallow but offers no relief from a broken heart." - MUSIQUE MACHINE

"There is a path, there is a goal. You may just have to fly through some pretty sick shit to get there. But rest assured that when you arrive on the other side, you'll be better for getting there. This is an intense experience, but one that I can only recommend." - HAMMER SMASHED SOUND

Edition: 500 CD (full color oversized dvd digipak), mastered by James Plotkin