• Rafael Anton Irisarri

Hopes and Past Desires

immune 003 - 2009

This red vinyl re-press of Hopes and Past Desires is limited to 400 copies packaged in a proper 7″ jacket with download card for the first time (the original 2009 release was sans download) 

Immune is proud to announce the release of Hopes and Past Desires, a two song 7" from Seattle based Rafael Anton Irisarri. This brand new material follows Daydreaming (released in 2007 on Norwegian label Miasmah) and is limited to 500 copies. Recorded in early 2008 in both Seattle, WA and Manchester, UK the title track features the string arrangements of Danny Norbury while "Watching As She Reels" features the cello of Nan Scwarz. Rafael is currently working on another full length album and just released an album on Ghostly International under the name of his other project The Sight Below.

Boomkat Review:
The man behind The Sight Below (and, of course, the excellent Daydreaming album on Miasmah) returns with a gorgeous, limited edition 7" for new Chicago imprint, Immune. The Seattle-dwelling composer teams up with Dany Norbury for 'Hopes And Past Desires', a mesmerising, hauntingly beautiful piece of music comprised of exchanges between muffled electric piano chords and Norbury's otherworldly, reverberant strings. In terms of its constituent parts this is an incredibly simple piece of music, but there's magic in these grooves, and Irisarri's music makes a resoundingly haunting contribution to the realm of electronic/modern classical composition. Flip over and 'Watching As She Reels' is suggestive of a more upbeat take on Deaf Center's Pale Ravine, or perhaps a more minimal Library Tapes; there's a certain sepia-tinted quality to these sounds, and the whole exercise seems soaked in memory and a sense of nostalgia (for something or other) that always manages to avoid outright sentimentality. Absolutely sublime music - pick one up while you can.

"Irisarri, who cites Mahler, Debussy and Ravel as influences, combines rustling static, haunting piano melodies, a gleeful slide guitar and at times even glitchy shynthesizer sounds to evoke a Lynchian otherworldliness" - Foxy Digitalis



  • 1 Hopes and Past Desires
  • 2 Watching As She Reels