• Demian Johnston

If They Even Find Me

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Handmade Birds
HB-029 - 2012

You may know him as the artist that did the cover for many of your favorite albums and/or tour posters. Or maybe you are a long time patron of the Dead Accents label, where Demian continues to remain king of innovative packaging ideas. Or maybe you have caught wind via his Handmade Birds artist page that he has a slew of solo releases under his belt, most of which are long sold out. Or maybe you just know him as an artist (visit demianjohnston.com to check out his current prints for sale) Whatever you may or may not know about Demian, there are only 77 copies of this new solowork, "If They Even Find Me", and the one thing we know is they won't last. Solid packaging design that includes a cassette booklet full of orginal art by Demian, and his best music to date, without question.

Edition: 77


  • 1 The Failing
  • 2 With Her And Him, At Peace