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Umor Rex
UR102 - 2017

Levels is released in a hand-numbered edition of 120 copies on pro-dubbed chrome tape, packaged in a cardboard box printed on 100% recycled stock with download coupon.

Recorded with a modest hardware setup in Geneva - one drum machine, a few synths, a sampler, plus effects - the ten miniatures on LEVELS’ debut S/T are nonetheless dense in atmosphere and mood, often immensely beautiful beyond their means. As suggested by the project’s name, each track has the feel of a new level on a video game; a new environment to explore, to feel around for new clues, and ultimately to conquer. Referencing classic anime, movie, and videogame scores, LEVELS’ willfully minimal sound palette is designed to give the listener a cinematic sensation. The sparser and more lo-fi sounds on side A have the listener tentatively exploring futuristic new spaces, wandering hallways of ambient beds and kick drum heartbeats. However, the busier rhythms and crisper melodies of the second side tell of the action that happens next, picking up the pace for keyboard-heavy chases, drum machine action sequences, and some gorgeously redemptive emotional peaks.


  • 1 Corridors
  • 2 Device Warbling
  • 3 F.Maps
  • 4 Slo-Forms
  • 5 Latent Information
  • 6 Los Aguaro
  • 7 Gp-17
  • 8 Mysta
  • 9 Village ooc
  • 10 Distant Gen