Long Live The Well-Doer

Box Tree Records
box 001 - 2004

This is the album that started the band. In late 2002, Dave Heumann enlisted the aid of recordist Rob Girardi and Drummer David Bergander for a recording project, with only the most vague outlines of songs and instrumental pieces in mind. Over the course of the next year, these ideas grew in form and substance to become the nine tracks on Long Live the Well-Doer, and a live band was formed around the various contributors.

At times stark and vivid, at others bouyant and hopeful, this moody and introspective record is best appreciated through repeated listenings. With its solid songcraft, facile musicianship, and masterful production, Long Live the Well-Doer is a powerful and emotive release that weaves an intoxicating tapestry of sound and vision.



  • 1 Sands and Sands
  • 2 Jonas Got A Tooth
  • 3 Don't Let It Show
  • 4 I Am A Somnabulist
  • 5 People Flock Not To The Good
  • 6 Wisteria
  • 7 Early Bird Gets The Worm
  • 8 All That Will Be Has Become, All That Has Come Isn't Gone
  • 9 Song's A Seed In My Garden

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