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After an early childhood fraught with slide related misshaps, Adam Vert started piano lessons at the age of six. He tried his hand at the oboe and flute, but was enthralled when he discovered the electric guitar. Roughly two weeks later, he was stunned when he discovered the distortion pedal. Mr. Vert spent his adolescence in Cambridge, England where his time was split between skateboarding and participating in a variety of musical endeavors. Vert moved to Paris for a brief period before returning to England and settling in London. He then spent three years studying Philosophy at University College, where he began to understand and believe that sequencers are infinitely better than four-tracks. That realization, coupled with a newfound affinity for synthesizers at the expense of his old guitar, prepared Adam for a life of making music alone, without the need to rely on anyone else. On mewantemooseic, Vert?s curious blips and beats are maintained by soft keyboard melodies of organ-like reverence. This 12\" fits nicely into the Sonig family of electronic music for those inclined to follow a different path than the often potholed highway of straight Drum and Bass and Electronica.


  • 1 scope/lifetime
  • 2 thread runner
  • 3 lunar brawling
  • 4 yeah babe I wanna be your fat magnet
  • 5 through with looming