Of Snow Smoked Moose

Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-073 - 2009

Recorded live in April of 2008 at the Turf Club in St. Paul while the band was touring with Jack Rose, Of Snow Smoked Moose presents Speer and the Helix working at a fever pitch in their favorite setting - in front of an audience. The set presents a healthy dose of material from both of the band's full length efforts, Distillation and After Hours. This disc was originally offered as a limited edition bonus with pre-ordered copies of Distillation and is now out of print.



  • 1 Past Or Beyond
  • 2 Fossilized
  • 3 Mason Dixon Crime
  • 4 After Hours
  • 5 Sit Right There
  • 6 Helical
  • 7 Life Insurance
  • 8 Single Again
  • 9 Shorty - A Bastard Cat

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