• The Cancer Conspiracy


Gilead Media
GLM-006 - 2007

This outstanding final testament is available to retail again at long lost. After roughly 9 months stores can now stock up on the beauty that was the Cancer Conspiracy. Here is the original blurb from the original release:

After years in legal limbo, the final recordings of The Cancer Conspiracy are finally available. "Omega" is the album recorded in 2004 by Matt Squire, finally completed and realized as 8 tracks totaling over thirty-five minutes. While more progressive than their debut album, The Audio Medium, Omega is also more focused and hints at the great things that were in store for the band had they continued. "Complex polyrhythmic psychedelica for the discriminating consumer. Instrumental, textural, and deep. Possible descendants of King Crimson and Brian Eno." - Aaron Turner (Hydra Head/ISIS).


  • 1 I
  • 2 II
  • 3 III
  • 4 IV
  • 5 V
  • 6 VI
  • 7 VII
  • 8 VIII