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Handmade Birds
HB-042 - 2012

From the liner notes:

This cassette focuses on the inaudible electromagnetic fields produced by the motors of a variety of cassette players. Side A is a slightly modified live recording made during a show at the Robinwood Concert House in Toledo, OH on October 9th, 2011. This is a piece I have been playing live during the Fall and Winter of this year. It involves the use of telephone coil pickups to play the electromagnet fields of cassette transcription machines, a cassette 4-track, a cassette walkman, a microcassette recorder, and a tabletop cassette player. The end of the piece features the use of "cassettes" that, instead of tape, have built-in contact mics to play the sound of the uptake reels spinning and dragging a short length of leader.

Side B was culled from a series of recordings I made at home during the Summer of 2011 in preparation for playing this new work in a live setting. It uses recordings of the electromagnetic fields produced by cassette players as source material. This material was then subjected to a variety of tape-based processes of manipulation.

If you love cassettes, and have never owned a work by Jason Zeh, you are missing out. NOBODY IN THE WORLD is exploring such depths with tape-as-instrument as this master. We can only hope that someday a live DVD is made of one of Jason's performances.

Edition: 100 CS50 Pro tape, red shell with white print


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