• Bardo Pond

Purposeful Availment

Three Lobed Recordings
TLR-005 - 2002

Long out of print from from Three Lobed Recordings' Purposeful Availment CD series.

"In Purposeful Availment, Bardo Pond have offered up a new slab of sludge that shows them exploring two of their sides at their strongest. "Orange Horse" is a gem lifted from the vaults (it's a leftover from the Lapsed sessions), centered on a riff and peppered with Isobel's unintelligible moans. The EP hasn't really even begun until you get into the second track, "Thalay Sagar (Torture Tortures)." At an epic 24 minutes, it shifts and crawls from light ambience tones to wah-ed grooves with a few moments of saxophone! I can count the number of bands who use saxophone in a way I like on one finger (Bright), but this track shows me I'll have to grudgingly start using two." [Sean Hammond - fakejazz.com]



  • 1 Orange Horse
  • 2 Thalay Sagar (Torture Tortures)

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