• Hell/Thou

Resurrection Bay

  • 7" No longer available

Gilead Media
ELD-037 - 2012

All white folding jacket, letterpress/embossing on both sides, embossed obi strip, white vinyl, white labels, screen printed patch. Limited to 1000.

Co-released alongside Pesanta Urfolk. A long-expected but secretly produced split between two of America's heaviest doom/sludge bands. HELL, from Salem, OR, have two full length albums out on Pesanta Urfolk and have quietly become one of the best bands playing truly unique doom metal today. Incredible riffage, heavier than heavy. THOU deliver a new unreleased track, Ordinary People, that I believe shows great growth with drummer Josh Nee, who joined prior to writing To The Chaos Wizard Youth. It really shows the band writing together in a new place as an evolved group of individuals.


  • 1 Hell - Sheol
  • 2 Thou - Ordinary People