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Umor Rex
UR050 - 2012

White vinyl LP limited to 300 copies worldwide. Includes double sided insert, black inner sleeve and free download card.

S ND Y P RL RS (or less hermetically, Sunday Parlours, Berlin) projects a vaporous, indeterminate soundscape inside the black resonance chamber that is Rex. Neither noise, loosely anchored in barely sketched, skeletal song structures, nor conventional guitar and voice songs, mystified and buried underneath thick blankets of stylized feedback, Rex exists and slowly drifts in a very peculiar region of sound and intent. The listener is invited to drift accordingly, to patiently adapt his or her senses to the tenuous light and rarified air, and to gradually discern melody, form and emotion from what at first may appear to be a distant mass of black billowing clouds. Yet, as vaporous and indeterminate as this rocking haze may seem, it has all in fact been filtered, layered and grown with method and care. These protracted rivers of sound-dust in which the sun splinters and hums have been shaped by Malte Cornelius Jantzen, who rewards the silent concentration of the listener with subtle and nuanced songwriting. These are songs, no doubt about it, and they wait there for the listener to catch and discern them. Rex will not pummel you into obedience, or force anything down your throat; there are no instructions on how-to-listen properly. Rex bets, humbly and without self-assertion, that the deep mood and enveloping flow of these tunes will carry you away. And you’ll be together, for a while, you and the deep, lonely sound, melting into each other in the quiet darkness. And the melody will project a very distinct and powerful shadow inside you. And it will feel, perhaps, like a profoundly familiar thing, and also, profoundly strange and unknown. And if it all works, and this album speaks to you (and you feel your own shadow stretching inside its resonance chamber) you will know, for sure, for a fact, that this, this, is something special.

“Definitely recalls a lot of the best ’90s loner shoegaze/space-rock, but even more lonely (as it’s just one person), and even more blown out and droney [… ] seriously brilliant album, almost certainly my favorite debut album of the year.” - Paul Simpson, Foxy Digitalis

“the work of S ND Y P RL RS grows in voluminousness and saturation – clear-cut attributes of its Shoegaze roots [...] this record drones stronger than most of 2012′s material and is indeed a signature release – there’s anything like it on the market…” - Björn Werkmann, Ambient Exotica

“These are cinematic songs that reveal new depths with each listening… an arresting experience that is as affecting as watching a powerful film.” - Don Simon, Bad Sounds Magazine

“With all the extreme levels of feedback, Rex demonstrates a softer side too, and it is, perhaps to everyone’s surprise, quite an emotional one…” - James Catchpole, A Closer Listen

“it is the distortion pedals, gain knobs, and amplifier settings that are Rex’s true instruments [...] produces some remarkable moments within the minimal template of droning guitar feedback" Ryan Potts, Experimedia

“something disturbingly attractive, even if poisonous” - Didier Goudeseune, Derives

“…elements of shoegaze, drone, post-punk and minimal pop and infusing them with a love for and understanding of tone that can’t be taught. It’s a simple aesthetic and yet I can’t think of any specific precedents who sound much like it. Mightily impressive.” - Mike, Norman Records


  • 1 Deserter
  • 2 Twentyfour
  • 3 The Other Hand Is God
  • 4 Redeemer
  • 5 Take
  • 6 Give
  • 7 Two Wrongs