• MV & EE

Sweetheart Of The Nascar

Electric Temple Records
ET001 - 2010

Limited One-Time Press, Brown Vinyl Edition of 500 Copies

"Fans of the lengthy psych of Bardo Pond, the noise jams of Fushitsushsa, the yawning drones of Pelt-- will admire their refusal to sacrifice peaks in order to avoid valleys." - Pitchfork

The always prolific Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are back at it with the debut 7-inch on Electric Temple Records, Sweetheart of the Nascar. Rising from the depths of the grass-roots, free-riding psychedelic underground, MV&EE provide the nighttime companion over two midnight-oil burning tracks to their recent masterwork for Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label, Barn Nova. The A-Side titletrack, "Sweetheart of the Nascar" is perhaps one of the duo's heaviest tracks to date, pushing the threshold of Rust Never Sleeps-era Neil Young into sludge metal meets Mark Hollis ambience. The b-side, "Crow Jane Variations" is a slow-burner featuring Erika Elder's reverb-drenched echoes behind a wash of lap-steel guitar and minor-key rustic psychedelic vibes.

Sweetheart of The Nascar was recorded with Matt Valentine's mind-boggling production technique, Spectrasound. The Spectre Sound engineering was done by James Anderson, while the final mix was done by long-time producer/engineer Justin at Barn Row Studios and Matt Valentine himself at their home studio, Maximum Arousal Farm. The inventive technique is highlighted on "Sweetheart of the Nascar" with two drummers playing - one in the left channel, one in the right, spread across a gorgeous stereo-pan.

Matt Valentine and Erika Elder hail from Vermont, where they live with their dog Zuma and a heap full of Sears amplifiers and ruckus making material. Over their decade long career, they have aspired to follow in the ways of the Grateful Dead, releasing numerous albums, limited runs, and bootlegs.

The last MV&EE Recording, Barn Nova, brought the duo their most criticially acclaimed national media attention to date after a decade of small-run releases, having positive vibes sent from Pitchfork, PopMatters, Junkmedia, Strangeglue, and many more. After having a recent stint with alt-rock legends Dinosaur Jr. and a current run with avant-heroes Flower-Corsano Duo, the group is at their most prolific, delivering a slew of live performances throughout the U.S. and Europe.


  • 1 Sweetheart Of The Nascar
  • 2 Crow Jane Variations