• Our Love Will Destroy The World

Thousands Raised To The Sixth

Handmade Birds
HB-043 - 2012
The most recent solo incarnation of pioneer Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel, Black Boned Angel, et al.), this is the definitive OLWDTW release spanning two discs. "Thousands Raised To The Sixth" is masterful exploration of texture and washes of sound that are strangely melodic and percussive. Nobody can reinvent himself with sound like Kneale, and this release shows him at his best yet.

Edition: 500 2xCD, oversized 5.5" fold out card with two art inserts, each disc in a black envelope, and placed in a slim slip cover.


  • 1 Calculate Unknown Angels
  • 2 Early Scrawl Like Fuck Academy
  • 3 Time Glacier
  • 4 Forgotten Stormbringer
  • 5 Zine Boredom
  • 6 Ships Of China
  • 7 Tin Foil Trauma Fauns
  • 8 Blindness Black Battalion
  • 9 Icy Reptile Swastikas
  • 10 Cloud Water Assembly
  • 11 Thousands Raised To The Sixth
  • 12 Neon Black Sleep Camoflage

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