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Till Human Voices Wake Us

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Umor Rex
UR061 - 2014

Till Human Voices Wake Us is released in a hand-numbered edition of 80 copies on pro-dubbed chrome tape, packaged in a custom silkscreened cardboard box with insert and download coupon.

Till human voices wake us comprises ten tracks with an obvious and smart structural script, based on poems by T.S Eliot. Which highlights Siavash Amini’s work as a composer for theater, film and art exhibitions. His music deliberately slants to the ambient statements –or Morricone’s Western film scores–. The different nuances of the synthetic/digital and the multilayered soul healing riffs of electric guitar create an opulent sonic texture ranging from the dramatic to melancholic moments, with a finely constructed and fluid dynamism. There is an emotional depth in each of Amini’s songs, guided by tonal variations and blending grains that make his music a mental journey with landscapes and cold outcomes and the passivity of an ending that everyone expects at the end of this long road. Till human voices wake us is the first album of Amini in a non-Iranian label, and we are very proud to present it in Umor Rex. He is one of the most familiar faces on the experimental music scene in Iran, on the boil in recent years.


  • 1 The Phoenician
  • 2 Silent seas
  • 3 The violet hour
  • 4 The Fog
  • 5 Unreal City
  • 6 Yelena's theme
  • 7 Shade without colour
  • 8 Corridors and dreams
  • 9 Yelena
  • 10 The chair she sat in

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