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Astral Social Club Discography


  • 01. Snaefell
  • 02. Mocne
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TR021 - 2011

Edition of 150

"Its been three years since Astral Social Club's last release for Trensmat but on this 7" Neil Campbell continues onwards and upwards from the vapour trail of Skelp/Ginnel.

'Snaefell' on the A is a flurry of swirls and glitches, swoops and shimmers, locked into a relentless electro psych drone loop. Its a fractured alien techno which gradually gets clouded in a dense, divine and otherworldy drift. Flip over for 'Mocne' - more alien dancefloor beatmaking where the groove gallops through a glimmering field of chopped synth stutter, warped electronic glitchery and sparkling streaks of stuccatoed shimmer.

Buyers of the 7" will be able to uniquely access an additional download which features digital copies of Snaefell & Mocne as well as three additional tracks - Snizort, Moff & Snaefug - that continue to mine the expanses of processed glitchery and shimmery starburst. A full 26+ minutes of ASC for the price of a 7"!" - Trensmat