Gatefold LP
No longer available.

  • 01. The Prayer
  • 02. Shadows Lead
  • 03. Warpath
  • 04. Staining The Paper To Create
  • 05. Sigil Of Suns
  • 06. Magenta Chambers
  • 07. Soul To The Body
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Eleven Fingers

Handmade Birds
HB-016 - 2012

This CD pressing follows last year's completely sold out LP version of what has become a modern classic. In a complete reinvention of what is comfortable, Circle of Ouroborus produce a landmark album within their already prolific catalogue that ranges from moments of post-punk atonality, to subtle melody countered by calculated agression.

Eleven Fingers was named #7 top metal album of 2011 by Pitchfork

Edition: 500 copies, Stoughton gatefold, two pockets, 12 panel booklet with silver and gold pantone detail, disc in printed cardboard sleeve, and hand-inked artwork by artist Alexander Brown