Common Eider, King Eider Discography



Root Strata
RS-72 - 2010
Now expanded to a four piece, Common Eider, King Eider have crafted yet another blast of high end wind chill that whips threw the empty spaces in your skull.. More stories of flora & fauna that hang beautifully in dynamic rooms of piano, strings, voices and stargazing guitar explosions born of layer after layer of feedback. This ghost world is all gray and black, with a high condensation of loss penetrating throughout. Moonlight occasionally lights the path, but for the most part prepare to be lost in the woods. Liz Harris (Grouper) and Tom Carter (Charalambides) on the tracks 'Ennui' and 'Earth Liver' add to the overall sense of dread.

Edition of 300 LPs in silkscreened covers done by the band. Also included is a coupon for DRM-free MP3s of the entire album.