180gram LP
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Fell Voices Discography


  • 01. Untitled
  • 02. Untitled
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Gilead Media
ELD-032 - 2011
Over the past few years there has been a growing group of young US black metal bands mixing numerous elements from punk, atmospheric metal and doom scenes to create an updated brand of black metal that is more diverse and dynamic than much of what came before. Fell Voices are a band from Santa Cruz, CA that are on the leading edge of this movement, creating moody epics that invoke only the darkest of thoughts. The band has gained a great deal of momentum over the past couple years with a full length LP release on Human Resources records and a split cassette release with fellow Californians, Ash Borer (coming soon to vinyl via Gilead Media/Eternal Warfare). Fell Voices are a band that have been focusing their energies and building their power, this LP shows them unleashing that energy upon the world. Black vinyl only. Includes 24x36" poster. Artwork by RAINBATH Visual.