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  • 01. 33 Ideas of wildness and mental images of uncontrollable animals
  • 02. Wisdom and Dead People in Dreams
  • 03. Continually suffer from watching your garden be destroyed.
  • 04. damaging your teeth every night, over and over.
  • 05. We are 100% committed to you and are willing to do everything in our power
  • 06. Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly
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Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly

Hausu Mountain
HAUSMO 2 - 2012

Pro-dubbed cassettes, pro-printed shells, full color J-card and a download coupon.

Recorded live at Tiger Mountain Studios in a single session on the afternoon of May 12th, 2012.


Maxwell Allison - bass, electronics
Natalie Chami - voice, synths, electronics
Doug Kaplan - guitar, electronics