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Greymachine Discography


  • 01. Wolf At The Door
  • 02. Vultures Descend
  • 03. When Attention Just Isnt Enough
  • 04. Wasted
  • 05. We Are All Fucking Liars
  • 06. Just Breathing
  • 07. Sweatshop
  • 08. Easy Pickings
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SIGE002 - 2010
The vinyl version of “Disconnected” (originally released on CD by Hydra Head Records) is limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl with deluxe silkscreened jackets and inserts and hand stamped labels.

Much has already been said about the long and illustrious career of Greymachine mastermind Justin K Broadrick, but little of it can actually describe the extent of his impact on listeners of his music in the many forms it has taken. As an integral, founding or sole member of such bands and projects as Godflesh, Final, Jesu, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Ice, etc Broadrick has managed not only to expand upon the boundaries of industrial, ambient, metal, and hip hop, but practically reinvented the genres all together. While many in recent years have lamented his departure from the realm of ridiculously heavy music with Godflesh, there can be no doubt with the advent of Greymachine of his expertise in that realm of aural creativity.

With help from fellow travelers such as Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer, etc), Dave Cochrane (Head of David, Jesu, Transitional) and Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu, Final), Broadrick has yet again smashed the barriers between often segregated musical realms combining elements of harsh industrial noise, hypnotic metallic riffing, and the most unsettling aspects of modern dub to create something entirely unclassifiable. While the aforementioned mix of styles might give the impression of a scattered pastiche of sounds “Disconnected” is anything but - an album comprised of distinct chapters dynamic and complete in their execution, when combined forming a dark enveloping monolith of sound. Though the songs are constructed from the familiar building blocks of guitar, bass, synths, voice and drums the end result is something almost alien in its feel, discomfiting its power to devour the listener. As expected with music such forceful and boundless nature “Disconnected” has already become a polarizing experience inspiring devotion and revulsion in equal measure, much like the now classic Godflesh album “Streetcleaner” at the time of its original release.

Originally released by Hydra Head Records on CD in 2009, the 2xLP version is now finally available for the fist time via SIGE records. Housed in deluxe silkscreened covers with revamped artwork by band member Aaron Turner, “Disconnected” can now be “enjoyed” in the superior format of the vinyl format. Limited to 500 copies (some including randomly inserted posters and CD version of the album) a cult classic in the making just got, uh, cult-er.