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Jason Urick explores a world of sound left to the far reaches of outer space. Building on the gentle ambient washes of sound from his debut LP Husbands and the more rhythmic and distorted tones of Fussing & Fighting, Urick strives to bridge the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar with I Love You.

Recorded at WORM in Rotterdam, at the Floristree in Baltimore, and at home in and around Portland, the sounds were entirely manipulated, mixed, and constructed on his laptop. The end result is an eerie sound scape of fractured tones, warm sheets of sound, and cryptic voices. Rhythmic pulses underpin the songs, enticing the listener to explore every intricate detail.

Jason explains the experiences that have guided him over the last year in his own words:

"This record was recorded and pieced together during a very transitional period of my life. A lot was influx in regards to location on the planet and people and relationships within said planet. My feeling regarding these changes had a tendency to fluctuate between very excited and confident with uncertainty and alternatingly unsure and nervous, sometimes fluctuating between the two rapidly from second-to-second. I became very hyper aware of the relationships of opposite emotions and started to notice these types of relationships more and more around me. Around this time I was recommended by a friend to watch the movie “I Love You” by Marco Ferreri. In this movie Christopher Lambert plays a character that falls in love with a talking keychain. More specifically a keychain that only said the words “I Love You” when whistled at. Around that time I was starting to mold the material that would make up this album into more cohesive pieces. I began to use the phrase “I Love You” as a mantra of sorts while working on this material. Running the phrase over and over in my head until the words started to break down and render the phrase foreign again. In these meditations I became more at peace with the music making process and more unsure/unfamiliar with it at the same time. This feeling spilled over into my understanding of myself going from feeling very in tune in body and mind to completely adrift in a large universe, again in very rapid succession until all that remained was a vibration. It feels silly and potentially useless to describe such personal and brief experiences in words, however it is my hope that within the record I am able to communicate these ideas/feeling to sound where it might make more sense."

I Love You will be available on both CD and LP, and Urick will be touring Europe in the spring of 2012, as well as playing select dates in the US.


Jason Urick

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