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Jodis Discography


  • 01. Ascent
  • 02. Continents
  • 03. Secret House
  • 04. Follow the Dogs
  • 05. Little Beast
  • 06. Waning
  • 07. Slivers
  • 08. Stain of Strain and Sorrow
  • 09. Broken Ground
  • 10. Silent Temple
  • 11. Awful Feast
  • 12. Red Bough
  • 13. Corridor
  • 14. Beggars Grasp
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Secret House / Black Curtain

SIGE018 - 2012

Both full length albums from Jodis, each on it's own cassette. Oversized hand painted tape box with custom packaging and a 28 page hand-sewn art booklet by Faith Coloccia. Edition of 75 copies.


?Jodis is a modern exploration of restrained sonic minimalism and tonal/textural density. Secret House, as a whole, recalls a void, a shoreless pit, a slow decent into absolute blankness... The vocals emote a deviating distress, one that the listener will walk away from also knowing. The guitars loom with an almost inconceivable image of stillness. The percussion possesses an irregular circularity facilitating the general disorientation encapsulating the mood of the record. In summation, a thorough listen would kick the living shit out of your aptitude for co-habituation with other humans.


After several years of steady concentrated work, Jodis have returned with their sopho-more album, Black Curtain. Once again, the trio’s emphasis on sparseness and tension remains in full force, but is tempered by a greater focus on melody and slow blooming song structure. While its predecessor thrived on a kind of predatory patience, Black Curtain’s reserve is more of a salve than a threat. The album opens with “Broken Ground”, where spikes of reverb- drenched guitar sprawl across a humming electronic horizon, over which delicately draped vocal melodies twist, collide and dissolve. Drums occasionally rise from the ether, punctuat- ing the meditative passages of pastoral calm. The band continues to explore the many outlets of their panoramic minimalism across the airy expanses of “Silent Temple”, the shimmering melancholy of “Red Bough”, the hymn-like repetition of “Corridor”, and the mantric chants of “Awful Feast”. The more visceral and vitriolic elements of Jodis’s members’ past work are put on hold for the majority of Black Curtain. But the thunderous low-tuned throbs of guitar and strong-armed pounding of the drums rear their head in the closing track “Beggar’s Grasp”. Even in this rousing close to the album, the harmonious core is retained, and the listener is immersed in the depths of the sound around them, rather than mercilessly suffocated by it. Black Curtain is no doubt heavy - emotionally, even sonically - but its true strength lies in its graceful reserve and reverential worship of gray-skied beauty.