180gram 2xLP

Krallice Discography


  • 01. Wretched Wisdom
  • 02. Cnestorial
  • 03. Molec Codices
  • 04. Timehusk
  • 05. Energy Chasms
  • 06. Forgiveness In Rot
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Gilead Media
ELD-023 - 2012
Finally repressed after a long period of unavailability. In what has become one of the most cursed releases in the realm of black metal in 2008, the vision conjured up by Barr and Marston is an overwhelming amalgam of epic time-stretching visceral black metal that recalls the spirit brought forth with such acts as Burzum (first three albums), Weakling, Gorgoroth, Ulver (particularly Nattens Madrigal) with of course the musical wizardry that Barr and Marston are known to portray with their prolific repertoire as its known, throughout the many circles within progressive and experimental music in which said musicians dwell within. This repress is limited to 500 copies, all on black 180g vinyl (for the first time) in heavy-duty old style record jackets.