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Lycia Discography


  • 01. Quiet Moments
  • 02. The Visitor
  • 03. Antarctica
  • 04. Greenland
  • 05. Grand Rapids
  • 06. The Pier
  • 07. Spring Trees
  • 08. The Wind Sings
  • 09. Dead Leaves Fall
  • 10. Dead Star, Cold Star
  • 11. The Soil Is Dead
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Quiet Moments

Handmade Birds
HB-DIS066 - 2013

Quiet Moments is the first new Lycia album in 13 years and follows the recent vinyl re-issue of their classic album Cold (HB-DIS054, June 2013)

Lycia are icons of dark indie music since their groundbreaking 1991 release Ionia and were part of the original wave of Projekt Records artists.

Mastered by James Plotkin

One time pressing of 1000 CDs.  Signed copies are now sold out.

The first 187 copies signed by frontman Mike VanPortfleet.

PLEASE NOTE : The CD is signed on the traycard and the CD is shrink-wrapped.  We have had many emails from people saying their copy is not signed.  If you unwrap it and look under the CD you will see that it is