Maledicere Discography


  • 01. The Stench Of This Rot (10:53)
  • 02. Trenches Of Hadal (8:47)
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The Trenches of Hadal

Handmade Birds
HB-077 - 2013

Maledicere was formed in the summer 2006 to unleash aggressive yet atmospheric Black Metal, expressing misanthropic views and darker expression of a spiritual path. Releasing two tape demos and a 7" split with French Canadian Uno Actu as a duo. In 2010 Maledicere began playing with a full line up and recorded their debut album Leave Only What is Fit to Burn. This limited 10” contains all new material, their most blistering and dark to date, just in time for their performance at the coming Stella Natura Festival.

Mastered by James Plotkin with cover art by Nate Bishop, The Stench Of This Rot is released as a limited 10" in a one-time pressing of 300 copies packaged in a single jacket with gatefold insert.