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Mamiffer Discography


  • 01. This Land
  • 02. Death Shawl
  • 03. Annwn
  • 04. Black Running Water
  • 05. Suckling A Dead Litter
  • 06. Cyhraeth
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Hirror Enniffer

SIGE001 - 2010
Mamiffer’s “Hirror Enniffer” album, originally released in 2008 on CD via Hydra Head Records, is now available on vinyl from Sige Records. Mamiffer on this recording is: Faith Coloccia (formerly of Everlovely Lightningheart) and Aaron Turner (ISIS, Jodis, etc), with Brian Cook, Chris Common, Annie Hozji M, etc. Pressing of 300 copies on clear and smokey-clear vinyl. Jackets and inserts hand screened by VG kids, flood printed interior jacket.