• 01. Man Forever Part One
  • 02. Man Forever Part Two
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Learned Helplessness In Rats—Rock Drummer

St. Ives
SAINT50 - 2011

Edition of 250 copies. Silk-screened jacket, heavy stock double sided silk-screened insert.


"Imagine 100,000 drummers taking a break from a wank to practice drums in the basement of their parents' house. Everybody hates a drummer. Drummers all feel it. But drummers seem to love each other. Nobody knows why - or nobody bothers to ask them.Man Forever decided to sally forth to unknown climes - be it a moon landing - in the lunar module or orbiting in the command module- who the F cares. Kid Millions wrote and recorded a piece in February of 2010 with a little help from his friends. Then he got the stupidest idea in the world: play this stuff live; take this shit on tour. He was bewildered by the enthusiasm of his admired compatriots. The drummers all came from the country without borders - the land of the helpless rats crawling around desperately in search of a scrap of PASSION, INNOVATION, ROCK, ENERGY, ACTION." - St. Ives