• 01. Coyote
  • 02. Mr. Dunbar Among the Pawnees
  • 03. Working in the Mine
  • 04. Figures
  • 05. Decoction of Artemisia
  • 06. Your Best Girl is Back in London
  • 07. Serpent, Stay
  • 08. Bring it to Me
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Thrill Jockey
Thrill 262 G - 2012
Artemisia is only available to Solos subscribers

Bonus record #1 is named Artemisia. The sort of thing where all the songs go together, in a very particular way, and one shouldn't ruin the surprise, it is an Album Immediately Enjoyable and would certainly sell in the Van-Load, as Billboard used to write, if only it were available for Individual Sale, which It Isn't. "Hélas!"? Hell no; and the problem is often the point. Or the Solution, as in the title track. The record is about, or the record is on about, counterfeit companions, coal mines, or silver mines, or some sort of mines, opening up in the middle of Manhattan, coyotes and the synthesizers who say they amore them, still, red ledgers, figures, rhetorical and otherwise, initial fees, beloved fleas, French beer, Long Live the Other One, feckless fathers-in-law, doll factories, third persons, all the way from Ann Arbor to London, sucking candy, Christmas morning, an obsessive Chairman, who's ruined it, an inquisitive daughter named Danny, fossil fetishes, former Presidents of former Republics, harem headquarters, serpents, intercepting bulldogs, me and my monkey, called Anastasia, drinking decoction of Artemisia. And the ferry on up from Tunisia.