• 01. July the First
  • 02. Especially So
  • 03. Done and Double
  • 04. Back at Napo’s
  • 05. Christmas in July
  • 06. Greyhound
  • 07. The Althea Gibson/Robert Kennedy Middle School Orchestra, Mov. 1: The Darkness of the Dawn
  • 08. The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 2: The Middle Of The Morning
  • 09. The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 3: When We Were Friends
  • 10. The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 4: Good-Bye Forever
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Good-Bye Forever

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 262 H - 2012
Good-Bye Forever is only available to Solos subscribers

Bonus record #2, Goodbye Forever is entirely unencumbered by overweening, over-obvious, what with its lyrics with words with meanings, vocalizing. It especially features a complete "Althea Gibson/Robert Kennedy Middle School Orchestra" symphony, on the second side. You might play this whole album yourself. Write somewhere and ask for the notation.