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Mike Gangloff Discography


  • 01. Queen of the Earth, Child of the Skies
  • 02. New Orleans
  • 03. Cat Mountain
  • 04. Waiting on My Rider Back From Town
  • 05. Snowbird
  • 06. Sally Coming Through the Rye
  • 07. Ironto Farewell
  • 08. Piedmont Field Hand I & II
  • 09. Little Sparrow
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Poplar Hollow

C001 - 2013

Brand new solo album from Mike Gangloff of The Black Twig Pickers and Pelt.  Packaged in a digipack with high-intensity cover art by Jake Blanchard

"Sometimes rampaging, sometimes floating, this mix of fiddle lament, banjo churn and vocal 'plaints blurs old-time traditions of lone fiddle air and solo banjo meditation into right-now astral-projection action -- call it a backwoods throwback or highly energized rural zoner music, either way it's a homemade transmission beamed from a wooded mountainside straight at your inner third ear. Mike is mostly on his own here, but on a couple tracks is joined by Cara and Joe, who throw down righteous shruti waves. The rest is all pensive thunk and moan, lit by stars, moon and an occasional lightning flash across the ridge. Here at Klang mailorder HQ, this one sits on a shelf between Gate and the Fuzzy Mountain String Band, which seems about right. And the high-impact, high-detail, high-intensity cover art by Jake Blanchard is out of all control. You'll want about a dozen of these, really." - Klang