No longer available.

  • 01. Paper Windmill
  • 02. Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass
  • 03. Blown Glass Typewriter
  • 04. Sunday 07.25.04 (live At Tonic)
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staartje018 - 2005
Mountains is an ongoing collaboration between Apestaartje cofounders Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp. Having worked in parallel and often overlapping contexts within their respective solo projects (Aero & Anderegg), 'Mountains' was initially created as an outlet for live performance. After numerous performances they decided it was time to document the experience and this their debut album was born. Four lengthy pieces composed around acoustic instrumentation and field recordings gradually blend with subtle electronics and live sampling to create an extremely dynamic and detailed listening experience that ranges from quiet crackling to dense layers of harmonic texture. Psychedelia, Americana and classical Minimalism are just a few of the genres referenced in this epic suite of resonant frequencies.

"infinite sheets of grainy sound build and renew themselves to immensely pleasing effect." - The Wire